mushrooms contest

Pick mushrooms contest

Because Wei mushroom wild in a short growing season, the only year season, wild mushroom with a Wei ” snow Ganoderma lucidum “. Fresh a Wei mushroom from 2002 to 30, 40 yuan a kilogram, sold to the present 400, 500 yuan a kilo. To dry a Wei mushroom also sold 1800 yuan each year.

The ” mushroom expert ” in his forties, four battalion geological engineer, has 5 years experience picking mushrooms. Because many times in Gobi province mushroom, skin bronzed by the sun. He introduced to me: ” wild mushroom aka ‘ a Wei snow Ganoderma lucidum ‘,reishi not only shaped like fungus, more important is the melted snow, from late April to May born long out of a Wei mushroom does not have worms. After the picking time of a Wei mushroom, not only the quantity decreases quickly, but also easy to insects, not easy to store. Find mushroom method is very simple, because a Wei mushroom its color is white, in the low a Wei Department of grass-roots growth, in the light of the sun, like a glowing white energy-saving light bulbs, very easy to see. In general a Wei grass populated areas, a large number of Wei mushroom, 2006, Aletai abundant rainfall, picking mushrooms are not many, I have broken the day picking up 4 kilograms of record. Pick mushrooms is the best way for laying along the light direction, a Wei grass roots is very conspicuous,dvd copying softwaredab5d55ck can easily identify the white stone and a Wei mushroom. ”

It has just finished, a white man Wei mushroom in his eyes, he quickly ran, bent down picked a little white ” Ganoderma lucidum “. I also along the light direction of gaze, the distance is really a white ” white light ” and waved to me, gallop and go, see, I almost hematemesis, a piece of white blow bubble hid in a Wei Department of grass-roots posing as ” glossy ganoderma “.

After a while, Chen Shuyan again in the mouse hole to a very large ” Ganoderma lucidum “. We got him kick off, I screamed, but heart is also very excited. Take out a small spring scale 130 grams. Huh, can in the tens of millions of people ‘s eyes pick mushroom grown so large, dvd to iphone is rare.

Take the white ” snow Ganoderma lucidum ” in the hand, look in detail: it is a white stipe Ganoderma lucidum: not in the central. But the pileus stipe along a direction of growth, just as the spoon handle. The white and smooth, ring along the direction, forming numerous ” Ray ” umbrella. Smell taste, unique flavor and fragrance.

One morning, they all have the harvest, I only, have nothing to. I feel lost. But I was very happy, see a Wei grass, learned knowledge, see a large ” snow Ganoderma lucidum “.

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