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FSL released 2012 annual report. During the reporting period, FSL total operating income of about 1064000000 yuan, drops 2.83% compared to the same period; a total profit of about 159000000 yuan, grow 8.14% compared to the same period; belongs to the shareholders of the listing Corporation net profit of about 135000000 yuan, grow 14.13% compared to the same period.

FSL said during the reporting period the company investment financial institutions dividends payable to increase investment income, resulting in the company’s main business profit year-on-year decline. But at the same time, FSL through the development of LED new products, adjust product structure and sale strategy,LED Spotlight Lamp strengthen the domestic marketing efforts; on the other hand, FSL according to the actual situation, to strengthen the internal management of enterprises, operation cost control, energy saving efforts, and strive to reduce the global economic crisis on the impact of the business operations of the company.

FSL think with the European debt crisis deepened, and the company export business in Europe accounted for the larger proportion of European economic downturn,LED Floodlighting the momentum will influence the company’s export business; but the domestic economy is apparent fall after a rise, industry market demand. While the light source and lighting products for the FSL ‘s main business, the domestic electric light source industry competition is increasingly intense, price war, sales channels and growing conditions, will inevitably lead to the power source of the business cost rises ceaselessly, the industry average profit is meager.

On 2012, a lot of enterprises expect Guangya Exhibition can bring a good improvement, multiple contact orders, but basically a lot of enterprises is to disappointment.Candle Light LEDdab5d56ck The second half of the year, a lot of LED manufacturing enterprises in the overall external environment is still no orders. You are expecting the lights Fair or ” golden nine silver ten ” to distribute force made some breakthroughs? But for many LED manufacturing enterprises hope that the greater the disappointment. Undeniable that most enterprises days are not too much, a real life problem is LED lighting industry is in the stage of shuffling.

In fact, LED lamp is a involving the industry’s most comprehensive, the most simple product, this also led lamps can be very simple or very complicated. Simply because: are some hardware combination products, no technical content, can meet the basic characteristics of lighting,google tv remote security and reliable performance with respect to OK, the product is not design concept design. The complex is the fixture is optical, electronic engineering, mechanical, chemical, thermal and other discipline integration. For a LED enterprises to solve is not easy. Especially the LED characteristics than traditional lamps advantage, if thermal, optical and electronic processing is not good, LED lamps do not say give play to its advantage, even the most basic lighting requirements are difficult to achieve.

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