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Functional upgrading

Can you believe it? When you walk into the living room, do not require remote control can use voice operated television; when you see a good match, can be in front of the TV and star duke it out; Air … Continue reading

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Biomass resources have?

According to whether the mass instead of conventional fossil fuels, and be divided into traditional and modern biomass energy biomass energy. Traditional biomass energy mainly includes rural life to use can: firewood, straw, rice straw, rice husk and other agricultural … Continue reading

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Junction temperature protection

The LED junction temperature control in a certain range is to ensure that the service life of the lamp and luminous efficiency of LED key. This paper discusses the LED junction temperature measuring method is presented, reishi dab6d23ck through the … Continue reading

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maintenance business

LED lamp Market in the future is likely to top LED light bulb. Therefore, the long-term vision Toshiba lighting technology to high added value to survive road. Toshiba lighting technology executive Misaki Sato Koji showing their sense of crisis, ” … Continue reading

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