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LED lamp Market in the future is likely to top LED light bulb. Therefore, the long-term vision Toshiba lighting technology to high added value to survive road.

Toshiba lighting technology executive Misaki Sato Koji showing their sense of crisis, ” as LED PLC Lamp of conduct, lamp replacement, maintenance business will narrow. To compensate for this loss, only to expand high price value commodity sales . “.

Prior to this, the company lighting equipment sales and lamp sales volume ratio of 7 3. With long life as a selling point of the LED will cause business scale fierce dwarf 3 into.

In order to fill the vanishing lamp replacement demand, Toshiba lighting technology plan in LED Dimmer Switchdab5d58ck at the same time, the general residential places such as ceiling mounted on the ceiling as the object, by increasing the additional value, make the ceiling price from in the past about 10000 yen to 50000 yuan of above. One of them is LED ceiling lamp “E-CORE” colorful style.

This has the traditional lighting can not achieve ” dimming, palette ” function of the lighting apparatus was in 2011 October listing. Only need to operate the remote control device, according to eat, sleep, enjoy home theater and other scenes of life to choose the optimal brightness. Misaki Sato executive said, the price of commodity is up to about 50000 yen, but sales situation better than expected . “.

Toshiba lighting ceiling lamp using diagram: the main ” palette, dimming function

Toshiba lighting technology measures not only through improving the added value of unit price. The company is also enhanced to the store and office,publishhk about and residential solution ( solve problem ability ), and is committed to a variety of lighting equipment sales. If you can sell to customers by a variety of apparatus comprising an illumination system, also won for their regular maintenance customer service business.

The company has prepared a plan for strengthening attraction “tool”.

Design of independent indicators of “Weluna”, used to quantitatively show the past only by people through sensory judgment ” the space bright feeling .”. Through visual intuition to show customers the energy-saving and comfort and lighting, lighting sales promotion. Matsushita Ya also has its own bright sense indicators “Feu”. With this index as the basis, consisted of approximately 300 men recommended team is to provide lighting consultant service.

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