Functional upgrading

Can you believe it? When you walk into the living room, do not require remote control can use voice operated television; when you see a good match, can be in front of the TV and star duke it out; Air mouse and you can also be used to control TV every act and every move.

Intelligent TV function upgrade ceaselessly, make the man-machine interaction mode more and more diverse, voice operation, gesture control, facial recognition function change rapidly. In the era of intelligent, content and application has been continuously enriched the television become the family entertainment and communication center. Such a ” smart” television, more simple operation and good user experience to highlight the charm, lets the consumer on the television to enjoy more fun.

In the traditional impression, TV just to see. Intelligent TV appearance, in order to bring the hitherto unknown interactive entertainment experience. HD movies online on-demand, brush micro-blog, playing, doing sports, Mini wireless keyboard watch birds recipes, and even children’s early education can easily realize intelligent television in the living room.

In 2012, the major television manufacturers in terms of content updates, pay more attention to television in the home entertainment ‘s important function, the user can independently installed and uninstalled all kinds of applications and software, so as to meet the diversified and personalized demand for the use. For example, in large screen TV mounted Volkswagen APP, let the car to sit in the living room, also can experience the driving cars galloping feeling; the beauty of women no longer need to hair matted Hairstyles Fashion, DIY can easily create a variety of beautiful shape; tourism APP let you sit at home can travel in China the beautiful rivers and mountains of a country, feel around the local customs and practices; children’s education program for children in the game to learn all kinds of knowledge, learning in music.

Why smart TV can attract us, no doubt because of massive applications built in tv. Because of its large screen, high resolution, simple operation and other characteristics, family share, intelligent television application content and different mobile phone, mobile phone applications according to TV won’t work. It is worth mentioning that, Samsung TV SamsungApps is specifically for television on the app store, Android TV remote massive applications for consumers to bring rich and diverse experience.

Intelligent television due to load more high-tech, with more application and function, let broad user not know what course to take on the complicated operation. Intelligent television should be ” goofy”, if in the operation of a thousand li away, then it is not really a smart television. A good smart TV remote control, is no longer the only choice, TV should be simple “, with ” diversity ” “.

Now,Mr. Mckenic the voice function and action recognition function to become a major highlight of the intelligent television. Voice control function that television can accurately, quickly identify the user voice command, so that consumers use voice can simply realize the operation of a television. At present, Samsung, Changhong, SKYWORTH, Lenovo, TCL television are realized with voice control function. Generally speaking, consumers can use the TV with the voice remote controller, or download and install the application of intelligent mobile phone, dialing instructions for TV

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