The plastic bag bowl meal

Streets and lanes of small restaurants and food stalls, common in this scenario: table white porcelain bowl, have agreed to a white plastic bag. Hot soup with rice or fried rice just a pot, cook was directly into the plastic bag with the bowl, just also drum with plastic bags have plastic bag manufacturer help for life been hot sticking the wall in the bowl. Diners picked up the bowl, picked up the chopsticks to eat. Call a spade a spade to the restaurant owner, with the plastic bag bowl without brush a bowl, the customer looked clean, also have the appetite. The use of plastic bags cheap, if not plastic bags will be ” please dishwasher “, increase the cost, but also a waste of water, the plastic bag bowl saved a lot of trouble.

Yesterday, the International Food Packaging Association executive vice president and secretary-general Dong lion said, plastic bag containing high temperature food, will produce harmful substances on the human body, long-term use can pose a greater danger.

The diners: a plastic bag bowl meal is a common phenomenon

The reporter to investigate several shop early discovery, a few little earlier bagging phenomenon exists, and Mala Tang stalls bagging is a general phenomenon. In October 21st, around 8 in the morning, reporters in Dongcheng District, next to a community breakfast point seen, store all the customers use the bowl is a plastic bag. Reporters have a black rice gruel, the owner took a bowl, cover the last plastic bags started porridge. The sets of plastic bags without any mark, colorless and transparent thin. When cleaning, the shopkeeper will direct the used plastic bags, and then set a new bag of continue to use. At Jiande doors subway station near several shop early and no bagging.

Night, Mala Tang ” prime time “. Nine thirty at night, Haidian District Yongtai East Road on a Mala Tang shop filled with people. The cabinet was placed on dozens of already set bag plate. A reporter asked whether bagging, toilet facial paper manufacturer products the shopkeeper said: ” or a bag clean. ”

The shopkeeper: bagging can save washing procedure

Several Mala Tang merchant said, actually bagging is mainly in order to save. Spicy hot shop peak period is late six a.m. to ten p.m.. ” At that time, too many people, no time to wash the dishes. But this particular things hard to wash sesame paste. Direct bagging looks cleaner. ” There is a shop owner said: ” some customers to worry about our bowl does not wash clean, sleeve bag people rest assured. ”

The owner of easy move received the majority of customers agree. The reporter asked a few customers, they all said bag looks more health. Citizen Mr Li says, ” like the kind of roadside stalls, not a store, where to brush brush bowl, is also in the water rinse it out, as well as sleeve bag. ” A surname citizen asked whether health, sighed and said, ” what is not clean, so they don’t care so much, unclean ate disease. ” There are public concerns about the plastic bag containing high temperature food will produce toxins, but occasionally eat some should not be a problem.

As for the plastic bags quality, is located in Chaoyang District Baijiazhuang road in a spicy hot owner said, Android TV remote your plastic bag looks thick, is already the best plastic bags, a fifty cents a. While the other hot food stalls with plastic bags are mostly only eighty cents a, high temperature and the deformation and breakage.

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