Trivial life

Autumn, has walked slowly, begin to gradually cool, cool heart quiver. Feel suddenly drops into trough, everything is wlike worse in a complete mess. That misfortune may be an actual blessing. I lost so much, what I got? That God closed a door for you, at the same time will open a window for you. I waited, I do not know what direction the window.

The company recently undercurrent emerges move, even the engineer will be pushed, I in the complete darkness studio a repeat every action. No passion, no power, only then endless dead sea. It is like a fusion of spatio-temporal rule hell, inside a year, the outside one day, and I caught them and inextricably bogged down in, maybe I was not happy that they read, to be accidental, ylike walk is inevitable, Suiyuan unchanged, unchanged suiyuan.

Heart is so fragile, but no one to rely on, maybe I should mature. Because of this world, after all, no one but me can give yourself forever rely on. The mood of gloomy, doomed eyes everything without color. Heart sensitive and fragile, and even feel some won’t listen to reason. Why do I care about other people ‘s eyes and a word. Why do you always try to ask others to give too much of yourself? Don’t complain, the grateful. Thank you for loving me so long, thank you always care me one, qlike thank and I also make fun of people, thank you for giving me a mocking words. You let me feel men’s feelings are changeable.

The lonely life, love die. Let me so awkward, loss of self-esteem, loss of pride. Find, once his. Can’t be weak retractor in empty dorm room, alone in front of computer security with no reality whatever things. Just lost my, you don’t really love. When you walk through the gorgeous time, slike back when I find, already far beyond your eyes. An even greater than the heartache?

The moon is always in the dead of night when the triggered my thoughts, my mind is always filled with everything happened recently, my CPU in high speed running, consume me every energy. I cannot afford to think about everything, this is just habit of action only, why do I become like alike this? I don’t want to stay up all night! If the near future we see is a thin-faced i!

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