The safety of home furnishing life

Switch is a household decoration design for building materials, daily usage is relatively frequent, so we to pay attention to home security, must know and learn to switch sense, below summarizes five points switch sense:

One, is not timely replacement of damaged plugs, plug for use with bare head instead, causing short circuit or sparks caused by fire, combustible.

Two, some bedside switches used readily in a release, switch impact bed frame or wall damaged by the insulation layer, the most likely cause short-circuit.

In three, the switch is installed incorrectly, especially the placement of the switch in combustible objects, once the lead from the sheath by abrasion, will make the core of bare or penetrating water, causing a short circuit, operable partition HK dab6d22ck or switch to disconnect the arc is generated by the fire.

Four, there is the distribution board is arranged in the junction box, fuse will have hot metal particles splashed down, leading to lower fuel burn.

Five, the use of the family of combustible gas by pipeline or the leakage of a valve, so that the combustible gas and air mixture reaches a certain limit, open, close not eliminate arc device for electrical switch, they will generate sparks.

To you and your family’s safety, please be sure to learn more knowledge and some of the other switch home safety knowledge, small make up at home is access to a large number of decoration knowledge, which is beneficial to the construction supervision and give advice.

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