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Philosophy: the industry / business users need what kind of non-linear editing system?

So, what kind of non-linear editing system can truly meet the industry / business users demand?

The first, tv media player want to have basic, with professional quality hardware input / output capacity. Input interface, we have reached the major index composite and Y/C interface. Output interface, also should have reached the professional index composite and Y/C interface for real time video pre supervision and downloaded to the analog recorder. NLE hardware and professional audio input and output interface, ensure the synchronization of video and audio. Along with the 5.1 surround sound program needs upgrading, increased 5.1 in non-linear editing hardware monitor is a kind of new trend.

Second, NLE hardware should have scalable ability. This is demonstrated in two aspects, one is the user can choose the basic hardware, the future can be increased through hardware board to achieve higher levels of functionality, such as increasing the analog component interface that can be directly connected to broadcast BetacamSP VCR complete program download. Another aspect is a non-linear editing system based on flexible CPU+GPU architecture, NLE hardware is a high level of input and output interface and audio processing accelerator, dvd creator but not the traditional closed onboard video processor design system processing capabilities. Thus, NLE system efficiency can be readily with computer hardware upgrade upgrade.

Third, in the light of industry / business users specially developed non-linear editing software. Suitable for Industry / business users of non-linear editing software is neither ” TV NLE ” simple “shrink ” version, is not a home editing software ” enhanced version “. Application of non-linear editing software for TV station, pay more attention to the management function, pay attention to a single task efficiency and stability of the system; and the industry / business users value is easy to use, complete function, video and audio data compatibility. In some ways, business / industry users of non-linear function demand even more powerful, as in a video package synthesis, only to be oriented television non-linear editing software management function, data compatibility and stability of simplified, can not meet the needs of users of the industry / business. Similarly, the individual household NLE software function enhancement could not solve the fundamental problem.

In fourth, editing software function is strong but not huge structure ” “. Already mentioned some claimed that ” be equal to anything ” foreign non-linear editing software, the software is too large, the operation habit ” strike out a new line for oneself “, ordinary users to use very slow. To complete the most basic collection, editing, transition, subtitles, stunts output and other operations, is to read hundreds of pages of translation is very difficult to pronounce Chinese manual, which for most industry / business users, the difficulty is too high. Facing the industry / business users of the software, the operation habit and mainstream editing software of the same, begin can edit a simple program, a little learning will be able to master the complex function, after one to two months to learn can use all of the features.

In fifth, the efficiency and stability of the nonlinear editing system. Efficiency not only refers to the multilayer real-time video playback capabilities, MPEG-2 file output speed, efficiency is a comprehensive concept, such as collecting material according to user preferences automatically split files, such as audio and video files with powerful management function in editing process, which can quickly find the needed materials, such as video and audio file compatibility, free video converter do not require frequent format conversion process can be edited directly, such as real-time pre supervision editing rhythm / special effects / subtitles effect, avoid downloading or burn DVD ” rework “, which determines the programming efficiency and speed. In fact, the stability of the system is to assure the efficiency of editing based, the editing process it is without rhyme or reason. To stagnation, frequent crashes, is not guaranteed to finish the program, make piece to customers.

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