Reduction of energy saving lamp

December 5, 2012 announcement, the company the Playground equipment sixth session of the seventeenth meeting of the board of directors held on December 4, 2012, the conference through ” on the part of change of investment project of motion “. The company plans to non-public offering of stock to raise for the project ” dab6f21ck an annual output of 150000000 micro mercury in environmental protection and energy saving lamp industrialization project ” scale reduction of 75000000, LED products raise funds to invest amount from $479900000 down to 210000000 yuan, and the use of the 269900000 Yuanfei publicly raised funds for the implementation of ” an annual output of 20000000 ( sets) of LED lighting products industrialization project ” to change into, the total amount of funds raised for 30.02% of net.

” An annual output of 20000000 ( sets) of LED lighting products industrialization project ” production will form an annual output of 20000000 ( sets) of LED lighting products production capacity. Full production years is expected to add 1100000000 yuan sales revenue, total profit of 172810000 yuan. Investment recovery before 5.14 years ( after tax), investment return rate is 32.68% ( after tax).

The company is the largest domestic energy-saving lamps production and export base, is the world’s largest energy-saving lamp manufacturing enterprises, in the high efficiency energy saving Zhao Mingliang fields with strong competitiveness. But the country’s energy policy, and market development are very conducive to the development of the company. At present, energy saving lamp has now replaced the incandescent lamp lighting industry has become the mainstream products, the market has stabilized, the company will part to raise investment gold more upmarket LED lighting field, the effective development of lighting the field of comprehensive industry chain, to enhance the company ‘s long-term competitiveness.

Buy ( Goldman Sachs Gao Hua Securities, Founder Securities )

Holdings ( Warburg securities, Shenyin Wanguo Securities, CITIC Securities, Haitong Securities, Everbright Securities )

The unit recently in a 6.53 yuan to stabilize, LED lamp the market outlook is expected to bottom shock. Midline unit weekly RSI has begun to rebound, the rebound shortly after the sudden drop, will not accomplish at one stroke, Solar Cell is premature intervention.

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