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Recently NBC Android TV remote on Apple Corp Tim Cook interviews were conducted, the current world’s most popular CEO technology companies in the interview expressed its very hot to the touch screen device, and he repeatedly stressed that apple iOS equipment such as iPhone and iPad virtual keyboard is very efficient and accurate.Smart TV keyboardCook said although he sometimes still use Mac, but has abandoned a physical keyboard, 80% of the time in the use of iPad.

Tim Cook also on the consumption for Apple products put forward questions and comments were feedback and description. In the interview, Cook said: ” almost every day I will receive a hundred consumers to send e-mail, many times or even thousands of letters. I hope that consumers and the Bluetooth keyboard communication between us can smoothly, like each other and sat at the table as a pleasant chat. It is these consumers of Apple’s care and love, I will receive every day so many emails, there are a lot of very good and worth to adopt the views and suggestions.Fly mouse Or is it some consumers need to solve in the process of using Apple products in need of help, and tell me how much they love apples and Apple products, which makes me very happy. The apple is also very much hope that through this and consumers to communicate directly way to adopt all of Apple’s comments and suggestions, I hope the vast number of consumers can be off the reel continuous send mail to me. “

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