Create a warm winter

At present, the cold air is the more erosion, it suffered heavy snow hit. In this cold winter, there is nothing to nest in warm home, family and enjoy the wonderful movie, enjoy the winter in warm and pleasant thing. Cannot reunite with family friends, also in winter love yourself, digital tv player about a few friends friends, drink tea to chat together, chasing the hit drama, single life can also have warm and delicate.

Jacki Internet Blu-ray player is excellent winter leisure entertainment options. The main models for the BDP-G3610, BDP-G3615 and BDP-3611, full support for Blu-ray discs, including all the disc player, also can be connected to cable, direct broadcast on Internet platform program content, many users are concerned about the Internet player on the requirement of network environment is very high, in fact, in ordinary family bandwidth is 2000000000000, you can watch the network flow the film.

To optimize the user experience, over the Internet player also features a built-in intelligent HD video on demand platform, periodic updates of the massive video, animation and a variety of international dab8f23ek elite open class, nod namely look namely. At the same time, also many loads humanized small features, such as automatic matching the best playing platform and source, intelligent skip ads and so on, greatly enhancing the user experience.

Jacki Internet Blu-ray player also features a comprehensive local playback function, without a firmware upgrade, the factory can include support for DIVX, AAC, WMA, WMV network video format. At the same time, free youtube downloader in order to enhance the user experience, also supports ISO Blu-ray disc file playback, this also is the industry can be counted on one’s fingers support ISO file playback of Blu-ray player. In addition, over the Internet player built-in suspension drive, fast reading speed, strong error correction ability. Whether young people like to watch each Blu-ray discs, DVD, DVD, or parents to VCD opera dish, can be played smoothly.

Want to purchase over the Internet Blu-ray player, users can go to the local supermarket, also can choose online shopping Taobao, in twelve activity during, over the Internet — BDP-G3611 Blu-ray player movie player will be exclaimed price 499 yuan debut, snow unrestricted package postal express delivery, door-to-door delivery of exciting, not to be missed.

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