Hand temperature or baby clothes?

Some parents feel the baby’s hand or touch the baby back to determine whether the children change clothes, but experts said, economy cheap baby clothes these two kinds of judgment is not accurate.

Hospital chief physician Li Jian said, children belonging to the Yang constitution, and easy to have the fire, so most of the children are the hot hot wholesale baby shoes online feet type, namely the palms soles of the feet is quite hot, this is a child in the body of yin deficiency inner heat performance; but some children will often cold hands and feet, this is the child in the Yang deficiency of Qi or deficiency cold of spleen and stomach performance.

As long as the other children are normal, whether hot or Baby wear online easy for mothers shopping cold parents don’t have to worry about, which is the body heat regulation performance.

And if a child heart irritability or indigestion and other symptoms, the body may be too hot or too cold performance, this time by a doctor to determine the actual situation to the child body heat, CPC China lawyers comprehensive conditioning from drugs, diet.

Therefore, through the child’s temperature to determine the change of clothing is not accurate, parents should feel for the children to change clothes according to weather changes the actual situation and their own.

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