baby’s head

When the popular baby ubabee baby clothes online full moon will now many areas, to invite friends and family to baby full moon banquet, at the full moon day should hire a skilled barber, for the baby to scrape a shiny bald. According to tradition folk is, baby on this day a shaved head, is to be born when the lanugo tiqu. This makes the child ‘s hair is black and bright, also won’t appear early hair or bald phenomenon. In order to achieve will be completely eliminated the effect of lanugo clean, or even use the razor blade scraping clean the scalp. I think the baby shaved head, when the full moon, is not desirable. The full moon shaved head not only after the child long hair is irrelevant, also may cause damage to the health of infants.

First of allthe baby at the full moon, the skull is not completely solid, that is to say, is still in the tender period. When you give the baby ` s, because adults to control the baby’s head and the use of force is relatively large, it is easy to damage to the head of the baby health. If the baby at the barber’s process, not obedient, crying, and you look pleased with oneself, can easily lead to shave blade scratch the scalp. Scalp scratch, will make the bacteria more easily invade. Mild is local inflammation or folliculitis, severe can cause bacteria into the scalp blood vessels, thus brings greater risk to the baby health. So, in order to baby’s health growth, suggested that parents should remove the traditional habits that bad. At the full moon don’t give the baby a shaved head, can choose the baby on the hundred days, the skull is long is firm, the baby also slightly know with time again in the barber is not late.

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