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The baby liquid laundry Baby clothes online meet what condition is safe?

The Zheng Yubiao manager pointed out: the brand Baby wear online should be the first choice index. Professional baby laundry detergent brand, technology has a strong R & D capability, advanced production equipment and high, can provide more high quality products and perfect service. At the time of purchase, parents should pay attention to all kinds of industry certification and testing reports.

Take care of the baby laundry detergent has been ubabee.com/baby-clothes-online in a leading position in the industry, is one of the first batch of infant washing liquid R & D and production of enterprises, products are exported to overseas countries and regions. Take care of the production base is located in international health science and Technology Industrial Park, the production environment in strict accordance with the standards for the construction of GMP pharmaceutical enterprise international recognition, production equipment system in the industry was first introduced a full set of high degree of automation, intelligence, information, and the introduction of advanced technology countries such as Germany and Japan, and established a quality inspection center, advanced laboratory, and established long-term cooperation with South China University of Technology, Guangdong Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute, the introduction of quality and professional and technical personnel, quality management techniques to carry out the process and quality control, quality improvement and other advanced, each product from production to the market, through the strict inspection and testing, to ensure that the quality of index for manufactured products pass rate reached 100%, with good production management and excellent product quality, in order to provide care safer and healthier for the baby home.

2013 love Baby clothes online laundry liquid has a new product? Have recommended?

The baby liquid laundry detergent is always take care of the company ‘s star product, has a good market reputation. With love the brand concept upgrade to ” give one more health care company “, in 2013 the two big series product upgrading, incorporating more of ” safety and health ” concept, launched a native Herbal Series and defense of the new Department of new ” natural, pure, do not add to the list of ” upgraded version.

Including the decomposition of formaldehyde, soft color, antibacterial anti-mildew baby multi-effect washing liquid, and the soybean antibacterial components imported from Japan, inhibition on Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, the rate is as high as 99% baby bacteriostatic washing liquid and deep clean, easy to rinse, anti-static infants washing liquid subdivision items.

Zheng Yubiao said: the most worth mentioning is the baby bacteriostatic washing liquid hand wash type, because of adding the extracts of Aloe soothing, decontamination and can protect hands, suitable for baby diaper, handkerchief, bib and close-fitting clothing and cleaning. For fear of the baby cotton clothes wash easily deformed and vulnerable to bacterial contamination and to hand wash mothers, is a very good washing star products.

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