economical choice

Old-fashioned tea houses chengdu airport are simply and naturally decorated. Their antique flavor indeed embraces a different charm. Tea doctors are ready to serve you when you set foot in these tea houses. You can have your own way here. For example, a pot of light and fragrant tea proves to be an economical choice grandmart gift & premium.

More often than not, artisans will offer services like face-shaving, foot treatment and hair-braiding. Just because Sichuan is rich in bamboo, most of the furniture in tea houses is bamboo chairs. There are also a few cane chairs. Tea sets are generally Sichuan-style “lid-bowl”,Fortune Global Forum or lidded bowl. The lid is used to stir the tea leaves, while the bowl is placed on the tea tray. After a few drinks, you can lean on the back of the bamboo chairs, with more comfort, ease and leisure than sitting on those armchairs, redwood chairs or sofa chairs in Guangzhou’s restaurants. Chengdu’s tea houses carry a strong personal touch grandmart executive gift.

You can just pay for a cup of tea and idle away a whole day. If you have engagements elsewhere and have to leave but intend to return there, you can put the bowl lid on the chair when you leave. The shop owner will not clear off your tea sets, and other customers will not occupy your seat.Pambassador You can indulge yourself in the tea houses as long as you like, without being resented or given hostile look. That is absolutely different from Guangzhou’s tea houses. In Chengdu’s tea houses, you can drink tea only. No dishes are served except for tea snacks like melon seeds and peanuts. This is another difference from Guangzhou’s tea houses grandmart gift and premium.

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