a prosthetic human body limb

What else can a 3D Printer print? Water slide3D Printers that printed designed clothes, stem cells, hybrid cars, Nike football shoes, and so on, now can print another 3D printer. Isn’t that amazing? The technology of 3D printing has extended into various areas to help print out plastic designs, an entire building or even a prosthetic human body limb.

Recently researchers at Germany’s Doppelbock University developed the world’s first 3D-printed 3D printer. The device, entitled the Ecophage, is efficient Plastic wood of utilizing readily available materials to create copies of itself – nevertheless, at a slightly smaller scale. Amazingly, the research team has geared up the 3D printer with a built-in material re-processor-it can effectively convert any carbon-based substance into filament for 3D printing.

The Doppelbock University team led by Dr. Drexler von Playground equipment Neumann created this self-replicating device.

Up to now, the 3D printer has printed 12 successive generations of itself, and the products are steadily self-replicating at an exponential rate, according to Inhabitat.

The chemical energy harvested from organic materials powers Ecophage. The device’s material re-processor consumes plastic, wood, and other organic materials and Elderly fitness equipment
breaks them down into molecular filaments. Scientists use these filaments to create new machines. An arbitrary algorithm ensures that successive generations of the devices are able to change and adapt to suit their environment.

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