luxury baby clothing

With parents like Kanye West and Kim buy Baby wear online Kardashian there’s no question that baby KimYe will be impeccably dressed. The couple was spotted shopping in Paris to prepare for their arriving bundle of joy.

The pictures via YBF show Kanye and Kim looking casual for once with Kim wearing sweatpants and Kanye rocking jeans and a hoodie. They were spotted walking out of Bonpoint, a store that specializes in luxury baby clothing.

While promoting her new film Tyler Perry’s Temptation, Kim spoke about her plans on raising a bi-racial child. “I have a lot of friends that are all different nationalities and their children are bi-racial, so they have kind of talked to me a little bit about it and what to expect and what not to expect,”ubabee Baby wear online she said. “But I think that the most important thing is how I would want to raise my children is to just not see color.”

Kim and Kanye are slowly getting ready for the arrival of their baby, however what direction they will be taking with the name of their child is still up in the air.

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