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The European multidisciplinary intensive Chinese enterprises in industry counter appeal

20 days, from Reuters news shows,china company search the EU Trade Commissioner Karl Degucht (Karel De Gucht) recently made clear for the first time, Huawei and ZTE violated the area of anti-dumping and countervailing regulations, thus preparing to launch “double reverse survey” for the two companies, in order to protect the EU economy a big strategic areas.

Photovoltaic, communication equipment, aviation…… Recently, the European Union in a number of areas of dense launched on China’s export impact. In this regard, the analysis thinks, Europe’s economic downturn. Yet paradoxically, censoring the EU’s product, the final results will lead to cause destruction to both sides, not conducive to the European industry revitalization and economic recovery. Once the outbreak of the two party trade war, the loss is difficult to calculate.

Industry experts point out, the fact that the European Union did not hesitate to sacrifice short-term economic interests, in order to more long-term plans. In the industrial policy, to suppress as potential competitors of the Chinese strategic industries, to seize the commanding heights of. In terms of trade policy, ahead of the 2016 deadline (in 2016 China will automatically receive the status of market economy before the layout).

Break in in full fury in China in many areas of dense

Out of the frying pan into the fire.china company setup kfea201esv In the photovoltaic dispute is provoking a China-EU trade and economic relations nervous when, on the double reverse survey Huawei and ZTE again by the European Commission on schedule. 20 Reuters reported, Huawei and ZTE recently by the European Commission for the first time publicly named, said that two of the world’s top China Telecom [micro-blog] companies an unfair advantage, preparing to launch double reverse survey of the two companies.

“We have embarked on a round of negotiations, but did not get any satisfactory results.” Teguh Hurt said, “I think, important areas of Europe’s two largest trading partner of great strategic significance in the solutions reached a friendly, is good for the whole world economy and world trade. But cannot clap with one hand, if necessary, we will adopt the necessary measures.”

Notably, the European Telecommunications equipment maker had not had any complaints about Huawei and ZTE launched. European telecoms equipment maker Ericsson [micro-blog] at present, with a 35% share in the global leading, but the company has investigation against the eu. Therefore, if the EU investigation, this will be an independent investigation which has not received complaints for the first time to initiate.

And this is only the EU frequently attack a microcosm of china. The European Union in 2012 and November September respectively to China PV battery anti-dumping and countervailing investigations, this involving up to $20400000000 in disputes, is the history of the biggest trade disputes. At present, the photovoltaic dispute is intensive negotiations, “Economic Reference News” informed of the latest news, this month 24 days on the member states to vote, and in June 6th the beginning of. Analysis of the industry, the EU will disregard for members and industry opposition, forced through the proposal to levy anti-dumping tax, an average of 47% Chinese photovoltaic products.

Aviation carbon tax are the EU “rake up the past in a cloud of controversy”. The British Financial Times cited an EU official said, will be related to the 8 Chinese airlines refused to punish the flight emissions data. Under EU rules, China International Airlines, China Eastern Airlines [micro-blog] (3.07,0.01,0.33%) company, China Southern Airlines (3.48,0.00,0.00%), 8 airlines will face 2400000 euros.

“Brussels is turning a confrontational stance, because the radical industrial policy EU lack of other effective means to counter its eyes China, a Brussels think-tank” — the European Centre for international political economy (ECIPE) director Hosuk Lee Makiyama Hiroshi (HosukLee-M Akiyama) said. He is worried about, the EU’s “answer blows with blows” could produce shock waves can not be expected.

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