Advantages of the uses of Robotics surgery

In this part we will sum up all the advantages of the using of robotics in medicine.

First using surgical robots allow surgeons to do minimally-invasive surgery. So patients won’t have large 除疤膏推薦 on their skin anymore. Then using these devices reduce the risk of a failure because of their high degree of precision for exemple. The fact that the surgeon just has to sit to operate instead of standing up for several hours is a big advantages for the surgeon who will be less tired and, moreover, able to do many operations even just after. 

What is also very interesting is the downscaling of movement is that using it a surgeon can do for example a 5cm movement and the robot will do the same but just in one centimer. As you can see on the exemple bellow :

        Using this scale of movements add with the filter of all the tremors of the surgeon, the precision become very impressive and it has many advantages especially for the patient.

With this minimally-invasive technique the risks of infection during the operation are very low.

The patients have also advantages that they can easily see. Because of the high degree of precision, besides the fact that they won’t have big cicatrix, the pain when they wake up is much lower. So after the operation, they will be restored and ready to go home very quickly. The durations in the hospital after the surgeries are reduced to 33 % in general.

And finally in addition to all these facts, the most important advantage is that the surgeries done with this robots are less likely to fail. Of course we don’t know it well but each operation has a chance of failure, using this devices the risk are much lower this is the reason why a lot of hospital use it now.

Thus we can wonder why all the surgeries are not done using robotics ? We will see this in the next part about the disadvantages of the medical robotics.

IIb) Disadvantages of the uses of Robotics surgery

         The main disadvantage of the uses of robotics surgery is that it’s very expensive. We saw yet that a Da Vinci surgery sytem costs more than 2 million of dollars. Because of this high price you can’t find these devices in all the hospitals and even in all the countries.

Unfortunately the fact is that it’s not that expensive to create a surgical robot but the Da Vinci one is the property of the american company Intuitive Surgical. They are the only company who has the right to create these robots because of their patent. Because of that they can sell it the price as they want, thus they took advantage in it to make money.

It’s becoming a cash business the main purpose of this robot, which is to improve medicine, is forgot in the aim to make the most money possible.

Another disadvantage is that not much surgeon know how to use these device. And the formation to learn it, is expensive and long. Thus sometimes even if a robot is ready to be used, operations are not made using it because of the lack of people who know how to use it.

Even surgeons who use it also say that it’s hard to control it because they don’t feel when the tools touch an organ, they just see it, so sometimes they are afraid of going to far through the skin and damage the body. 

But according to the manufacturer, this improvement is coming soon, it will use sensitive sensors and will certainly be transmitted to the surgeon using vibrations.

However, the major risk dreaded by surgeons is a possible blackout or even a breakdown. This is what everyone is afraid about when we talk about medical robotics. In fact if something go wrong in the robot, it will stop immediatly. Even if a safety battery is placed to make it work during a blackout, the risk of breakdown is possible and not linked to an electrical problem.

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