Dividend insurance and universal insurance premium rate marketization will spell gains or will lead

confirmed by several insurance companies, dividend insurance, universal insurance premium rate market reform indeed have been put on the agenda, but has not received the relevant rules. Because, 年金計算機 on the rate reform size also can make nothing of it.

industry that, after the market-oriented premium in insurance company will once again set off a “price war”, the small and medium-sized enterprise risk because of its ability to invest Co.,Stainless steel limit switch, in the competition will bear more pressure.

The basic idea of

“life insurance rate reform mechanism is also applicable to the future dividends insurance, universal insurance rate reform.” Seminar on life insurance premium rate market reform in the recent meeting of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Huang Hongru, said.

after 14 years the same ordinary life insurance interest rate cap began to ice breaking trip in August 5, 2013 after the reform, the dividend insurance and universal insurance market is expected to set sail in 2014. A number of insurance enterprises insiders to the “investment” confirmed, dividend insurance, universal insurance premium rate market reform has really put on the agenda,High Power Jammer, but it is not received regulatory documents, “if rate liberalization, for the impact of insurance dividends will be relatively large, in the process of competition in the insurance income, interest rates or bearing.”

premium rate market is the trend of

the last 8 month, China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued “on the relevant matters of common personal insurance rate policy reform notice”, will open the personal insurance scheduled interest rate, pricing power to the insurance company and the market will no longer perform has sustained 14 years of the 2.5% limit, the ordinary type of personal insurance statutory assessment rate the adjustment of 3.5%, to stimulate the life insurance market of new vitality, and strive to turn a new business from 2011 to 2012, the life insurance industry continuous negative growth dilemma.

launched the new deal, the insurance company according to its own management actual research expenses changed new products, and launched on the line. As of 2013 9 at the end of the month, has been submitted to the rate reform products reached 82. Affected by the rate of reform, from 8 to September, ordinary life insurance policy premium grew 52.7%, the fastest growth since 2000. As of the end of 9 the approval or filing of the products, critical illness insurance, life insurance, term life insurance and annuity insurance guarantee types accounted for more than 70%.

vice president Huang Hong appears in the CIRC and the rate reform does not require a specific predetermined level of interest rates, is not a simple price adjustment, but focus formation mechanism to establish a long-term application of personal insurance premium, “this mechanism later introduce dividend insurance, universal insurance fee rate reform”. “In the personal insurance rate reform, dividends insurance and universal insurance premium rate market is the trend of the times, but has been put on the agenda.” A large insurance enterprises insiders to the “financial investment news” reporter said, although the Department has not received an official document, but the rate is expected to continue to promote reform in this year.

“price war” signs of reproduction of

as previously CIRC just launched the reform of personal insurance products of the traditional insurance rates, therefore, currently on the market most of the dividend insurance and universal insurance products scheduled interest rate is still 2.5%. “Because of the current companies haven’t received fine >

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