Baby” hairdressing” baby hair care

Q6: sun helps baby hair growth, this claim is credible?

A: ultraviolet radiation is not only beneficial to sterilization, but also can promote the blood circulation of scalp. Therefore, adequate sunlight irradiation on baby hair growth is very useful, but if the sun is too intense, or should give the baby when you go out wearing a hat, avoid scalp.

Q7: why do some baby side hair than the other side short? To change this situation?

A: this may be at different positions in the hair follicle development caused by different. The development degree of hair follicle itself might have some differences,
therefore appeared on both sides of the hair growth speed in different situations. As the baby ‘s growth and development of hair follicles mature with each passing day, this situation will improve.

Q8: baby head whorl and the direction of hair growth, grow up will change?

A: twist the quantity and direction of hair growth is accompanied by the baby ‘s life. Twist the number and the number of pores, are in fixed before birth, not in the future become more or less. And decided to hair to hair growth direction is not too obvious change.

Q9: some babies pillow bald, does this mean that calcium your baby?

A: the baby often lay, head sweat, the back of the head hair will naturally less than other place, such as baby can sit before, hair will gradually grow. My mother can choose baby donut shaped pillow, or let children take side sleeping posture. If there Taiwania pillow is accompanied by profuse sweating, irritability, irritable, crying and other symptoms, it may be caused by vitamin D deficiency rickets performance, may consider appropriate calcium.

Q10: can you make the baby shaved hair grow faster?

A: shaved head does not change the hair and growth rate. The shaved head, hair once grow to be found easily, so there will be a faster growth illusion, but actually does not play any role in improving. But without the protection of the hair, scalp hair is very vulnerable to external stimuli, causing the head wound and injuries, so that baby head skin damage, affecting the normal growth of hair follicle tissue, severe, will permanently” bald” so a piece, so, it is best not to use a razor to the baby shaved head.

Q11: choose baby shampoo products should pay attention to what?

A : adults with shampoo contains fragrances, colorants and other ingredients, will hurt the baby’s scalp, therefore, give your baby shampoo should select pure, gentle, non-irritating special baby shampoo, preferably sudsing. And, when washing hair gently with finger belly massage baby’s scalp, must not be forced to rub the hair, to prevent hair.

Q12: my baby hair is curly,枕頭推薦香港 although it is cute, but I wonder, I and his father in the family nobody is curly, why baby hair is curly?

A: that may exist in the following two situations: 1 affected by some factors, causes the baby genetic variation caused by. 2 hair syndrome. It is a recessive genetic disease, patients are mostly boys, due to the lack of copper and progressive neurological degeneration and curly hair. This baby is born when the hair color and hair is normal. But along with the growth of the age, the hair will gradually become short and thick, pale colour and curl, and accompanied by neurological symptoms, such as seizures, mental retardation, and gradually increase.

Tips: maternal hair also has an atavistic. If not genetic factors as a cause of curly hair, had better take your baby to the hospital for examination, to determine the causes and take relevant measures.





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