In addition to skilled immigration, what other ways to immigrate to Australia

If you want to immigrate to Australia this year, because of the quota of skilled immigrants, it is basically a very difficult choice for skilled immigrants who want to immigrate to Australia. Then there is no better alternative to skilled immigrants for those who want to immigrate to Australia ?


GTI Global Talent Program

GTI’s global talent plan is fast and has a high pass rate. Obtaining permanent residency is a one-step plan. It can also immigrate to Australia with the whole family. Mainly for talents in 7 fields including financial technology, medical technology, and aerospace. Compared with the reduction in the quota for skilled immigration in Australia, GTI’s global talent plan has increased from 500 quotas last year to 15,000 quotas, a three-fold increase! Therefore, if you do not take the road of skilled migration, the GTI Global Talent Program is a relatively safe choice.


Employer sponsored immigration

Employer immigration is divided into 186 and 494, both of which require applicants to obtain a certain degree of technical ability. In contrast, only 186,494 for one-step immigration is only a 5-year temporary visa, but other visas can make it permanent in the future Permanent Residence. The immigration quota of employers is also quite sufficient. If you are a technician in the accounting or IT industry, you may wish to consider it.

Investment immigration

Like the GTI Global Talent Program, the quota for investment immigration has almost doubled from 7,400 to 13,500. However, investment immigration is actually not very stable because of their variety. Great changes, so if you choose this route, it is best to be fully prepared.

The above question is about the 3 ways we can immigrate to Australia for you by express delivery abroad. I wonder if you have one that suits you?

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