Why is it called reflow soldering and what exactly are the benefits of reflow soldering

For reflow soldering, it can assist our production skills, so to be precise, let me share and introduce it to you personally.

smt reflow oven

Why could it be known as reflow soldering

At first, the solder paste is blended with a few substances this sort of as steel tin powder, flux and so on, though the tin in it might be said to exist independently as tiny tin beads. Immediately after passing through the machines from the reflow oven, it passes by quite a few temperature zones. Following various temperatures, if the temperature is bigger than 217 degrees Celsius, these smaller tin beads will soften. Soon after the catalysis of flux and various goods, numerous little particles are built-in, that may be to convey, the modest particles return to move. In the liquid condition, this method is often generally known as reflow, which means the tin powder returns for the liquid condition through the prior solid state, after which you can returns towards the sound point out from your cooling zone.

Exactly what are the advantages of reflow soldering

1. The complete method of reflow soldering adopts one-of-a-kind industrial manage machines, which embodies excellent balance, compatibility, dependability, and enhances the anti-interference in the complete procedure, to ensure the procedure can run nicely.

2. The temperature control of reflow soldering adopts a comprehensive dynamic consistent temperature vitality storage board device to lower the temperature difference result inside the temperature zone; concurrently, using double-sided heating technological know-how can lower and prevent the bending and deformation in the PCB board.

3. Reflow soldering has a entirely automated detection operate, which could automatically detect the operation with the chain, and it has an ultra-high and low temperature sound and light alarm perform.

4. Imported N2 flowmeter is utilized for reflow soldering, and precise control of N2 concentration could be ensured through data acquisition and command card.

5. The reflow soldering incorporates a computer investigation database, which often can retailer the many customer’s knowledge, and it is geared up with unique temperature curves.

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