Wi-fi module functionality test method

Wireless module transmission is extensively employed in vehicle checking, telemetry, small wireless network, wireless meter reading, obtain management technique, smaller wi-fi facts terminal, stability and fire prevention method, wireless remote control technique, biological signal acquisition, hydrological and meteorological monitoring, robot management, wi-fi knowledge conversation, digital audio, mobile paging, industrial facts acquisition system, wireless tag, identification, non-contact RF clever card, electronic graphic transmission as well as other fields.

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Soon after the module is bought again, we should test the effectiveness of which modules to determine the module is good or bad?

1, test the RF RF module transmitting electric power

FM technique transmitter transmits the instantaneous frequency of your FM carrier wave is changing with all the modulation signal FM wave for equivalent amplitude wave, its maximum ability is equivalent towards the average electric power; and amplitude modulation program transmitter transmits the amplitude modulation sign, when mAM = 1, the maximum transmit electrical power is equal to four situations the average electrical power. If the AM transmitter and FM transmitter for the end on the exact type of power tube, are estimated by the maximum electricity, then the electrical power emitted by the FM transmitter is four moments the average electricity emitted through the AM transmitter.

two, test the anti-interference functionality in the wireless module

Within the two techniques to analyze the dimensions of the transmit sign ability FM than AM method of anti-jamming ability. The ability of your facet frequency part of the FM wave is divided in the carrier electricity. The larger the modulation factor mFM, its aspect frequency not only much more, and the amplitude increases, which means which the proportion of your carrier electric power in the side frequency energy is significant, while the maximum facet frequency power in the amplitude wave is barely equivalent to half with the carrier electricity. Therefore, FM waves than AM waves can have a larger side frequency ability, which means it truly is extra capable of overcoming the noise and interference from the channel or machine.

three. Conversation distance of wi-fi module

From the actual undertaking in the corresponding challenge, the transmission distance with the transmitting and receiving wireless module is related towards the antenna, receiving sensitivity, air amount, transceiving atmosphere, radio voltage and battery capability. The transmission length required because of the task is reached by debugging the module quite a few situations.

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