Trivial life

Autumn, has walked slowly, begin to gradually cool, cool heart quiver. Feel suddenly drops into trough, everything is wlike worse in a complete mess. That misfortune may be an actual blessing. I lost so much, what I got? That God closed a door for you, at the same time will open a window for you. I waited, I do not know what direction the window.

The company recently undercurrent emerges move, even the engineer will be pushed, I in the complete darkness studio a repeat every action. No passion, no power, only then endless dead sea. It is like a fusion of spatio-temporal rule hell, inside a year, the outside one day, and I caught them and inextricably bogged down in, maybe I was not happy that they read, to be accidental, ylike walk is inevitable, Suiyuan unchanged, unchanged suiyuan.

Heart is so fragile, but no one to rely on, maybe I should mature. Because of this world, after all, no one but me can give yourself forever rely on. The mood of gloomy, doomed eyes everything without color. Heart sensitive and fragile, and even feel some won’t listen to reason. Why do I care about other people ‘s eyes and a word. Why do you always try to ask others to give too much of yourself? Don’t complain, the grateful. Thank you for loving me so long, thank you always care me one, qlike thank and I also make fun of people, thank you for giving me a mocking words. You let me feel men’s feelings are changeable.

The lonely life, love die. Let me so awkward, loss of self-esteem, loss of pride. Find, once his. Can’t be weak retractor in empty dorm room, alone in front of computer security with no reality whatever things. Just lost my, you don’t really love. When you walk through the gorgeous time, slike back when I find, already far beyond your eyes. An even greater than the heartache?

The moon is always in the dead of night when the triggered my thoughts, my mind is always filled with everything happened recently, my CPU in high speed running, consume me every energy. I cannot afford to think about everything, this is just habit of action only, why do I become like alike this? I don’t want to stay up all night! If the near future we see is a thin-faced i!

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The plastic bag bowl meal

Streets and lanes of small restaurants and food stalls, common in this scenario: table white porcelain bowl, have agreed to a white plastic bag. Hot soup with rice or fried rice just a pot, cook was directly into the plastic bag with the bowl, just also drum with plastic bags have plastic bag manufacturer help for life been hot sticking the wall in the bowl. Diners picked up the bowl, picked up the chopsticks to eat. Call a spade a spade to the restaurant owner, with the plastic bag bowl without brush a bowl, the customer looked clean, also have the appetite. The use of plastic bags cheap, if not plastic bags will be ” please dishwasher “, increase the cost, but also a waste of water, the plastic bag bowl saved a lot of trouble.

Yesterday, the International Food Packaging Association executive vice president and secretary-general Dong lion said, plastic bag containing high temperature food, will produce harmful substances on the human body, long-term use can pose a greater danger.

The diners: a plastic bag bowl meal is a common phenomenon

The reporter to investigate several shop early discovery, a few little earlier bagging phenomenon exists, and Mala Tang stalls bagging is a general phenomenon. In October 21st, around 8 in the morning, reporters in Dongcheng District, next to a community breakfast point seen, store all the customers use the bowl is a plastic bag. Reporters have a black rice gruel, the owner took a bowl, cover the last plastic bags started porridge. The sets of plastic bags without any mark, colorless and transparent thin. When cleaning, the shopkeeper will direct the used plastic bags, and then set a new bag of continue to use. At Jiande doors subway station near several shop early and no bagging.

Night, Mala Tang ” prime time “. Nine thirty at night, Haidian District Yongtai East Road on a Mala Tang shop filled with people. The cabinet was placed on dozens of already set bag plate. A reporter asked whether bagging, toilet facial paper manufacturer products the shopkeeper said: ” or a bag clean. ”

The shopkeeper: bagging can save washing procedure

Several Mala Tang merchant said, actually bagging is mainly in order to save. Spicy hot shop peak period is late six a.m. to ten p.m.. ” At that time, too many people, no time to wash the dishes. But this particular things hard to wash sesame paste. Direct bagging looks cleaner. ” There is a shop owner said: ” some customers to worry about our bowl does not wash clean, sleeve bag people rest assured. ”

The owner of easy move received the majority of customers agree. The reporter asked a few customers, they all said bag looks more health. Citizen Mr Li says, ” like the kind of roadside stalls, not a store, where to brush brush bowl, is also in the water rinse it out, as well as sleeve bag. ” A surname citizen asked whether health, sighed and said, ” what is not clean, so they don’t care so much, unclean ate disease. ” There are public concerns about the plastic bag containing high temperature food will produce toxins, but occasionally eat some should not be a problem.

As for the plastic bags quality, is located in Chaoyang District Baijiazhuang road in a spicy hot owner said, Android TV remote your plastic bag looks thick, is already the best plastic bags, a fifty cents a. While the other hot food stalls with plastic bags are mostly only eighty cents a, high temperature and the deformation and breakage.

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Functional upgrading

Can you believe it? When you walk into the living room, do not require remote control can use voice operated television; when you see a good match, can be in front of the TV and star duke it out; Air mouse and you can also be used to control TV every act and every move.

Intelligent TV function upgrade ceaselessly, make the man-machine interaction mode more and more diverse, voice operation, gesture control, facial recognition function change rapidly. In the era of intelligent, content and application has been continuously enriched the television become the family entertainment and communication center. Such a ” smart” television, more simple operation and good user experience to highlight the charm, lets the consumer on the television to enjoy more fun.

In the traditional impression, TV just to see. Intelligent TV appearance, in order to bring the hitherto unknown interactive entertainment experience. HD movies online on-demand, brush micro-blog, playing, doing sports, Mini wireless keyboard watch birds recipes, and even children’s early education can easily realize intelligent television in the living room.

In 2012, the major television manufacturers in terms of content updates, pay more attention to television in the home entertainment ‘s important function, the user can independently installed and uninstalled all kinds of applications and software, so as to meet the diversified and personalized demand for the use. For example, in large screen TV mounted Volkswagen APP, let the car to sit in the living room, also can experience the driving cars galloping feeling; the beauty of women no longer need to hair matted Hairstyles Fashion, DIY can easily create a variety of beautiful shape; tourism APP let you sit at home can travel in China the beautiful rivers and mountains of a country, feel around the local customs and practices; children’s education program for children in the game to learn all kinds of knowledge, learning in music.

Why smart TV can attract us, no doubt because of massive applications built in tv. Because of its large screen, high resolution, simple operation and other characteristics, family share, intelligent television application content and different mobile phone, mobile phone applications according to TV won’t work. It is worth mentioning that, Samsung TV SamsungApps is specifically for television on the app store, Android TV remote massive applications for consumers to bring rich and diverse experience.

Intelligent television due to load more high-tech, with more application and function, let broad user not know what course to take on the complicated operation. Intelligent television should be ” goofy”, if in the operation of a thousand li away, then it is not really a smart television. A good smart TV remote control, is no longer the only choice, TV should be simple “, with ” diversity ” “.

Now,Mr. Mckenic the voice function and action recognition function to become a major highlight of the intelligent television. Voice control function that television can accurately, quickly identify the user voice command, so that consumers use voice can simply realize the operation of a television. At present, Samsung, Changhong, SKYWORTH, Lenovo, TCL television are realized with voice control function. Generally speaking, consumers can use the TV with the voice remote controller, or download and install the application of intelligent mobile phone, dialing instructions for TV

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Biomass resources have?

According to whether the mass instead of conventional fossil fuels, and be divided into traditional and modern biomass energy biomass energy. Traditional biomass energy mainly includes rural life to use can: firewood, straw, rice straw, rice husk and other agricultural waste and animal manure; modern biomass can be large-scale application of biomass, Solar Panel Supplier including modern forestry production waste, sugar cane bagasse and city solid waste.

Based on the different sources, will be suitable for biomass energy use is divided into forest resources, agricultural resources, domestic sewage and industrial organic wastewater, city solid waste and animal manure and other five categories.

( 1) forestry resource and forestry biomass resources refers to the forest growth and forest production processes of biomass energy, including fuel forest, forest tending and thinning operations scattered wood, residual branches, leaves and wood; timber harvesting and processing of their branches, sawdust, wood chips, wood trees, and truncated; forestry by-products of the waste, if the shells and stones.

( 2) agricultural resources agricultural biomass energy resources refers to agricultural crops ( including energy plants ); agricultural production wastes, such as crop harvest residues in farm crop straw ( stalk, sorghum stalk, corn straw, rice straw, cotton stalk soybean straw and etc.); agricultural processing waste, such as in the process of agricultural production surplus the rice hull. Any of various energy plants to provide energy plants, Solar Module Manufacturer dab6d25ck usually including herbaceous energy crops, oil crops, extraction of hydrocarbons and other types of plants and aquatic plants.

( 3) domestic sewage and industrial organic wastewater sewage mainly by the urban residents, business and services a variety of drainage components, such as cooling water, bath, toilet, washing and drainage drainage drainage drainage, sewage and other waste, kitchen. Industrial organic waste water is mainly alcohol, wine, sugar, food, pharmaceutical, paper and slaughter industry in the production process of wastewater discharges, which are rich in organic matter.

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Junction temperature protection

The LED junction temperature control in a certain range is to ensure that the service life of the lamp and luminous efficiency of LED key. This paper discusses the LED junction temperature measuring method is presented, reishi dab6d23ck through the single-chip microcomputer real-time measurement of LED light source junction temperature, the temperature exceeds the set value generated PWM signal to adjust the power output power. In this paper by using LM3404 and PIC12F675 composition based on node temperature protection power supply schematic diagram and program block diagram. Experiments show that, based on node temperature protection for the LED drive, can make the LED lamp reliability effectively improve.

With LED epitaxial materials, chip technology and packaging technology progress, the luminous efficiency of LED continues to increase, which makes the LED light source to replace the traditional light source become possible. In theory, LED has the advantages of long service life, high efficiency advantages, but in some practical applications but it leaves a large decline, DVD to PSP the short life of the impression, which greatly affected the popularization and promotion of semiconductor lighting. Investigate its reason, mainly is the LED driving power supply problems.

LED long life, high efficiency is a premise, namely appropriate working conditions. The influence of the service life and the luminous efficiency is the main factor of LED operating junction temperature. From the mainstream LED manufacturers to provide test data show that, the luminous efficiency of LED and junction temperature almost inversely, life with the junction temperature rise almost exponentially decreasing. Therefore, the junction temperature control in a certain range is to ensure that the LED service life and the luminous efficiency of the key. The junction temperature control in a certain range by means of removing cooling measures, Android TV remote the junction temperature into electric power control parameter is very necessary.

1LED junction temperature detection

LED junction temperature is a PN junction temperature, actual measurement of LED junction temperature is more difficult, but can be based on LED temperature characteristics of indirect measurement.

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maintenance business

LED lamp Market in the future is likely to top LED light bulb. Therefore, the long-term vision Toshiba lighting technology to high added value to survive road.

Toshiba lighting technology executive Misaki Sato Koji showing their sense of crisis, ” as LED PLC Lamp of conduct, lamp replacement, maintenance business will narrow. To compensate for this loss, only to expand high price value commodity sales . “.

Prior to this, the company lighting equipment sales and lamp sales volume ratio of 7 3. With long life as a selling point of the LED will cause business scale fierce dwarf 3 into.

In order to fill the vanishing lamp replacement demand, Toshiba lighting technology plan in LED Dimmer Switchdab5d58ck at the same time, the general residential places such as ceiling mounted on the ceiling as the object, by increasing the additional value, make the ceiling price from in the past about 10000 yen to 50000 yuan of above. One of them is LED ceiling lamp “E-CORE” colorful style.

This has the traditional lighting can not achieve ” dimming, palette ” function of the lighting apparatus was in 2011 October listing. Only need to operate the remote control device, according to eat, sleep, enjoy home theater and other scenes of life to choose the optimal brightness. Misaki Sato executive said, the price of commodity is up to about 50000 yen, but sales situation better than expected . “.

Toshiba lighting ceiling lamp using diagram: the main ” palette, dimming function

Toshiba lighting technology measures not only through improving the added value of unit price. The company is also enhanced to the store and office,publishhk about and residential solution ( solve problem ability ), and is committed to a variety of lighting equipment sales. If you can sell to customers by a variety of apparatus comprising an illumination system, also won for their regular maintenance customer service business.

The company has prepared a plan for strengthening attraction “tool”.

Design of independent indicators of “Weluna”, used to quantitatively show the past only by people through sensory judgment ” the space bright feeling .”. Through visual intuition to show customers the energy-saving and comfort and lighting, lighting sales promotion. Matsushita Ya also has its own bright sense indicators “Feu”. With this index as the basis, consisted of approximately 300 men recommended team is to provide lighting consultant service.

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financial institutions

FSL released 2012 annual report. During the reporting period, FSL total operating income of about 1064000000 yuan, drops 2.83% compared to the same period; a total profit of about 159000000 yuan, grow 8.14% compared to the same period; belongs to the shareholders of the listing Corporation net profit of about 135000000 yuan, grow 14.13% compared to the same period.

FSL said during the reporting period the company investment financial institutions dividends payable to increase investment income, resulting in the company’s main business profit year-on-year decline. But at the same time, FSL through the development of LED new products, adjust product structure and sale strategy,LED Spotlight Lamp strengthen the domestic marketing efforts; on the other hand, FSL according to the actual situation, to strengthen the internal management of enterprises, operation cost control, energy saving efforts, and strive to reduce the global economic crisis on the impact of the business operations of the company.

FSL think with the European debt crisis deepened, and the company export business in Europe accounted for the larger proportion of European economic downturn,LED Floodlighting the momentum will influence the company’s export business; but the domestic economy is apparent fall after a rise, industry market demand. While the light source and lighting products for the FSL ‘s main business, the domestic electric light source industry competition is increasingly intense, price war, sales channels and growing conditions, will inevitably lead to the power source of the business cost rises ceaselessly, the industry average profit is meager.

On 2012, a lot of enterprises expect Guangya Exhibition can bring a good improvement, multiple contact orders, but basically a lot of enterprises is to disappointment.Candle Light LEDdab5d56ck The second half of the year, a lot of LED manufacturing enterprises in the overall external environment is still no orders. You are expecting the lights Fair or ” golden nine silver ten ” to distribute force made some breakthroughs? But for many LED manufacturing enterprises hope that the greater the disappointment. Undeniable that most enterprises days are not too much, a real life problem is LED lighting industry is in the stage of shuffling.

In fact, LED lamp is a involving the industry’s most comprehensive, the most simple product, this also led lamps can be very simple or very complicated. Simply because: are some hardware combination products, no technical content, can meet the basic characteristics of lighting,google tv remote security and reliable performance with respect to OK, the product is not design concept design. The complex is the fixture is optical, electronic engineering, mechanical, chemical, thermal and other discipline integration. For a LED enterprises to solve is not easy. Especially the LED characteristics than traditional lamps advantage, if thermal, optical and electronic processing is not good, LED lamps do not say give play to its advantage, even the most basic lighting requirements are difficult to achieve.

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mushrooms contest

Pick mushrooms contest

Because Wei mushroom wild in a short growing season, the only year season, wild mushroom with a Wei ” snow Ganoderma lucidum “. Fresh a Wei mushroom from 2002 to 30, 40 yuan a kilogram, sold to the present 400, 500 yuan a kilo. To dry a Wei mushroom also sold 1800 yuan each year.

The ” mushroom expert ” in his forties, four battalion geological engineer, has 5 years experience picking mushrooms. Because many times in Gobi province mushroom, skin bronzed by the sun. He introduced to me: ” wild mushroom aka ‘ a Wei snow Ganoderma lucidum ‘,reishi not only shaped like fungus, more important is the melted snow, from late April to May born long out of a Wei mushroom does not have worms. After the picking time of a Wei mushroom, not only the quantity decreases quickly, but also easy to insects, not easy to store. Find mushroom method is very simple, because a Wei mushroom its color is white, in the low a Wei Department of grass-roots growth, in the light of the sun, like a glowing white energy-saving light bulbs, very easy to see. In general a Wei grass populated areas, a large number of Wei mushroom, 2006, Aletai abundant rainfall, picking mushrooms are not many, I have broken the day picking up 4 kilograms of record. Pick mushrooms is the best way for laying along the light direction, a Wei grass roots is very conspicuous,dvd copying softwaredab5d55ck can easily identify the white stone and a Wei mushroom. ”

It has just finished, a white man Wei mushroom in his eyes, he quickly ran, bent down picked a little white ” Ganoderma lucidum “. I also along the light direction of gaze, the distance is really a white ” white light ” and waved to me, gallop and go, see, I almost hematemesis, a piece of white blow bubble hid in a Wei Department of grass-roots posing as ” glossy ganoderma “.

After a while, Chen Shuyan again in the mouse hole to a very large ” Ganoderma lucidum “. We got him kick off, I screamed, but heart is also very excited. Take out a small spring scale 130 grams. Huh, can in the tens of millions of people ‘s eyes pick mushroom grown so large, dvd to iphone is rare.

Take the white ” snow Ganoderma lucidum ” in the hand, look in detail: it is a white stipe Ganoderma lucidum: not in the central. But the pileus stipe along a direction of growth, just as the spoon handle. The white and smooth, ring along the direction, forming numerous ” Ray ” umbrella. Smell taste, unique flavor and fragrance.

One morning, they all have the harvest, I only, have nothing to. I feel lost. But I was very happy, see a Wei grass, learned knowledge, see a large ” snow Ganoderma lucidum “.

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gas microorganisms

The United States Stanford University and Penn State University scientists say, can change electric energy into marsh gas microorganisms will be able to become the important source of renewable energy.

Two university researchers are developing a called ” methanogens ” microbial communities, they are converts electrical energy into pure methane has a remarkable ability. Goal of the scientists is to build a large plant,solar panel supplier microorganism, solar energy, wind energy and nuclear energy will come from clean electricity into renewable energy and other important industrial compound.

Stanford University chemical engineering and civil and environmental engineering professor Alfred Spollman said: ” the majority of today’s gas from natural gas. The industrial used by a lot of important organic molecules derived from petroleum. Our organic methods will make people no longer use these fossil resources. ”

Spohr Man expresses, although methane itself was a terrible greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, is 20 times more potent, but microbial methane can safely access and storage, solar module manufacturerdab4d61ck will to the atmosphere to minimize leakage.

He explained: ” the whole microbial processes are not containing carbon. The combustion process releases all carbon from the atmosphere, and produce biogas is used by all electricity from renewable energy and nuclear power, not containing carbon dioxide. ”

He added, can produce methane microorganism can solve large-scale renewable energy challenge: how to deal with photovoltaic power station and wind power produces excess energy.

Spohr Man said: ” there is no good way to store electrical energy. But we know, some methanogens can be directly through the current producing In other words, they make electric energy metabolites into biogas form of chemical energy, and can be stored. Understanding the metabolic process is to be carried out is the focus of our research. If we can get the methanogens large-scale manufacturing firedamp, will significantly change the situation. “

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good life

There is a lady often sad, little things can cause anxiety, tension. The children’s performance is not good, all day worry; a few careless word, several associated will make her fell dejected. One day, she had an important meeting, but frustration linger.

She called to ask psychological doctor:” what should I do? I feel depressed, the mental state how to attend an important meeting?”

Psychological doctor told her:” the frustrating things down, wash your face, to be in the blues face wash, modify aspect to enhance self-confidence, thinking he ‘s proud of happy people. Attention, pretend to be full of confidence, you will feel better.”

She did, called to tell the doctor that night:” I successfully opened over the meeting, to strive for a new plan and work. I didn’t expect strong confidence, confidence will come true; pretend good mood, bad mood naturally disappear.”

The United States of America California University psychologists have done experiments, subjects to act surprised, disgust, sadness, anger,personal occupation fear and happy expression, found their physical and mental followed from the change.

When subjects with fear, their heart rate, skin temperature, performance of five other emotions, also have different changes.

Good mood is good health foundation, is the key to a good job, is the secret of the good life.

People in a bad mood, bad mood will be tighter;

Close to speak with people, Du Zhuozui sulk, brows locked make blind and disorderly conjectures, the mood worse, more sad.

We want to have a good mood, you must start from the original bad mood away, out of trouble dead end.

In addition, but also pay attention to our appearance: upright, raised his head, dress more modestly. Cachexia expression, with bad luck is the root cause of.

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